A Place That Gives You the Straight Facts on Marijuana

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It’s About to Drop

Denver has a new game and it’s about all things marijuana.

Weeded Out will pit Denver students against each other in a trivia-based game show.

The topic of conversation? Marijuana. Questions will come from one of several categories – health, legal, educational and social.

Coming Summer 2018.

Grand Prize Winners

Choose From the Following:
2 VIP Tickets to the Big Gig at Fiddler’s Green
Be a Sportscaster on the Orange & Blue 760 Radio Show for a Day
2 Tickets to Harry Styles at the Pepsi Center
Or have the chance to win loot just by entering!

2nd and 3rd place contestants can choose from a prize pool that includes a Smart TV, a video game chair, an electric ripstick, FitBits, a Wilson X Connected Football or Basketball and more!