2019 High Costs Campaign Report

For the second consecutive year, a survey of Denver teenagers is showing Denver’s High Costs marijuana youth education and prevention campaign is effectively discouraging youth from consuming adult-use marijuana. Among the results of the survey conducted by Insights Lab, which ran from mid-November through mid-December 2019, and polled 537 teens representative of Denver’s youth population, were a few key statistics of note:

    • 81 percent of teens aware of the High Costs campaign said that its messaging discouraged them from using marijuana.
    • Awareness of the High Costs campaign is high, with 56 percent of teens indicating that they were familiar with the campaign through top of mind awareness and 71 percent of teens being familiar after being shown components of the campaign.
    • 74 percent of teens who saw the online advertising engaged with the campaign. Of those teens, 51 percent engaged by liking an online post, 27 percent shared the online content and 43 percent talked about the content with friend.
    • The majority of teens agreed that High Costs has a clear message (89 percent), is educational (87 percent), trustworthy (77 percent), and likeable (75 percent).
    • 81 percent of teens aged 13-17 said they were not current users of marijuana.

You can download the survey results in their entirety here.

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