No bull.
Just facts.

In other words, here’s what
you need to know about weed.

What’s happening.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, which means adults 21 years and older can use it responsibly. But it’s still illegal for you. Why? As research and studies are done, more about weed and its effects have come to the surface, revealing the high costs of using underage.

That’s a lot
of burritos.

A four-year college tuition costs 7,994 burritos. And a marijuana offense could deny you financial aid or a scholarship for your future. That’s a lot of money coming out of your burrito fund.

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You need more time.

Your brain isn’t ripe until age 25. Using marijuana before then can affect brain development.

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Don’t forget.

Marijuana can impair your memory. Use your head; think of all the burnt food you’ll save.

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Give 100%.

Underage marijuana use can decrease your motivation, and now is the time to give it your all.

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